We’re Taking A Break

I want to start this post by saying that I know I don’t need to explain why Ferret Fitness is taking a break, but I want to cause I think it’s important.

I started Ferret Fitness less than five months ago and it was originally a space to share our new health & fitness journey with our friends, family & readers. However, as it progressed, there is also content on mental health, different diets, recipes, healthy travel tips, interviews, food comparisons, ways to wind down, gift guides… there’s a lot! As a result of this, the growth has been unprecedented and to be honest – I’m struggling a bit.

I think it’s important to document the difficulty I’m facing as there are no doubt a number of people in a similar situation that perhaps could take comfort in knowing that they’re not alone.

When I started writing, I had a clear vision in mind. I would talk about our journey. I would document products we were trying and how we were finding them. Exploring diets and exercise fads and presenting the facts. How our mental health changed throughout this journey. This was (& still is) awesome, however, the amount of time it takes to maintain an engaging blog is a lot and those topics are incredibly difficult to monetize.

Now, I know I shouldn’t want/need to monetize a blog about a personal journey. However, the time spent on it and the amount of readers coming to see what we’re up to – it’s not unreasonable to want to make some kind of income from it. Hence, why the shift towards types of posts that can be monetized – more about products & services, & less about thoughts and feelings.

Through the shift, I’ve actually found that I prefer talking more about products & travelĀ  than our own journey. I think this is because I cover all of the ‘our journey’ bits over on Instagram so I feel as though I’m doubling up a bit.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve not written any new content on the blog and it has been a couple of weeks on Instagram too as I’m feeling a little lost with the direction I’d like to take Ferret Fitness. I’ve resorted to scheduling old content and images to make it seem like I’ve been active – but I haven’t. I don’t like that I’ve felt the need to do that to keep up ‘appearances’ either.

SO, what I’ve decided to do is to give myself permission to take a break, consider what I want this space to be. Whether I’m okay with having a non-monetized online journal of my journey, or, whether I want to have a space on the internet that’s a functional resource for others. Either way, I love blogging (I’ve been doing it for over 10 years!) so it will be something – I’m just not quite sure what yet, and I want to make sure that I don’t burn out.

I’ll be back soon!


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