Our Journey | Three Months On & Happy 2019

Hey everyone!

Happy 2019! I’ve had a few days away from the blog, we just got back from Queensland and have been laying low to think about how this space will change this year. As you may know, the last couple of months I have given an update as to how our health & fitness journey is going. If you’d like to check them out, the One Month On & Two Months On links are here and if you want to read a bit more about us & why we’re doing this – you can also check out our about page here.






The middle of December saw us finish up our 6 week program with our personal trainer. After finishing, we feel much healthier and stronger. We are heading into the new year with so much more knowledge of how to make the most of the gym and some cool new ideas of the workouts we can incorporate into a program that we’ll put together ourselves. We will aim to check in with a personal trainer every now and then to make sure that our techniques are still good and we’re making decent progress.



We still haven’t made any dramatic changes with our diet, as it was pointless trying to be strict while on holidays and over the Christmas and New Years break. It’s always a tough time of year to be dedicated, and our focus is on staying stress-free over the break to make sure we’re refreshed ready to go back to work and in February we will resume more particular food choices which I will definitely write about over here.






As I mentioned last month, my stagnant weight loss is a bit annoying. However, this month I put my ‘before’ photo next to a recent photo of me and there are definitely physical changes – so I’m happy I did take the photos beforehand even though I felt as though I looked gross – they keep me motivated to keep going. I have continued to focus more on my muscle gain and improvements at the gym. For example, last month we had celebrated a milestone of a 28 kilo deadlift and we are now up to 40 kilos. Another health milestone is that for the first time (in a very long time), I went to a scheduled psychologist appointment and didn’t have anything significant to talk about. Usually I go in with a lot of ideas, so it was nice being able to consider not booking as many appointments for 2019 (our savings will appreciate it too!). Also, my psychologist mentioned that my face was looking a bit slimmer which was a nice moment too & it’s meaningful when others notice your hard work!


Over December, as we’ve been busy, I haven’t worked quite so hard over here on the blog in favour of planning content and ideas for the new year. For me, it’s so important that I enjoy writing and creating content so I don’t turn it into a chore and burn out. In saying that, I have had a few cool milestone and moments worth mentioning! I have continued to use Pinterest as my main promotional tool for the blog and I am loving it! Last month I celebrated 2,400 unique monthly viewers, and I have started the year with 205,000 unique monthly viewers which is incredible growth! I wrote a travel piece for Let’s Go Somewhere McKinney – Top 8 Sound Of Music Locations Around Salzburg and have a few other pieces scheduled on other blogs to be released soon. I also had the pleasure of interviewing Efia Sulter & Jo Fundell about their experiences with health and blogging which is worth checking out! I have also built relationships with a couple of brands and will be working on some recipe development the start of this year which I am looking forward to sharing with you!


Pictured throughout this post are some of the updates we’ve shared on Instagram. Feel free to go & check out everything else & daily updates here.

That’s all for now. I’ll continue to do these recaps monthly with Instagram highlights and check in with how we’re progressing with our mental and physical health. As always, if you have any comments, questions or feedback – please feel free to comment below!

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