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Sometimes gift giving can be hard work. It doesn’t mean that you don’t love your significant other – sometimes you just can’t think of that perfect gift! Over the years, I’ve turned to gift guides as a way to find inspiration and I have found them to be super helpful. Even if I don’t buy the specific item, it helps to spark my memory and gets my brain in the mood for giving.

Now that it’s also so important to consider the environment and be conscious with our choices, it can add another layer of difficulty.

This year, I’ve decided to create my own gift guides – as a way to help my readers be less stressed with their gift giving. There is nothing worse than running around a shopping centre trying to find a perfect gift. First, here is a gift guide for men for this Valentines. Whether you’re shopping for your husband, boyfriend, male friend – we have something for everyone. For all budgets.



Under $25

1. Classic Movie Poster

What is your favourite movie to watch with your partner? Consider a movie poster that you can put in a frame (blu tacking posters to your wall is a strict no-no. It’ll look great in his man cave or in the lounge room! I love this black and white Ghostbusters A4 Poster.



2. Resistance Bands

Is your partner into health & fitness? If so, he’ll love some resistance bands. They add that little bit extra to your work out for maximum results. They come in a pack of 6 too – so you can use them together! Cute.


3. Poster Of Your Fave Netflix & Chill Show

Is binge watching a tv show more your thing? I know I love it. To have a poster that represents something that you’ve shared together and conversed about, can be really meaningful. Something I’ve loved watching is Stranger Things!


4. Bio Coffee Capsules

Does your partner love his coffee machine but is over the Nespresso capsules and the not-so eco-friendly capsules? These capsules are decomposable and are made here in Australia from a specialty cafe. The packaging is adorable too!



5. Travel Book

Have the two of you been talking about your next/first travel destination together? It’s time to get organising! Buy him a travel book of your next location so you can go through it together and pick your must-see destinations. This year, we’re hoping to see more of our own country!



Under $50


1. A Board Game You’ve Never Tried

We recently tried this game at home and it is hilariously accurate! Bond with your partner learning the rules to a new game together!



2. Reusable Coffee Cup

Reusable coffee cups are SO in right now. SoL is a great eco-conscious brand and they have a great selection of colours to choose from!


3. A Classic Record

What sweet 90s tracks do you like singing together in the car? Whether you choose to use the record to listen to or to hang on the wall, there’s nothing better than an old school record!



4. Eco-Friendly Exercise Mat

If your partner loves yoga, a biodegradable yoga mat is a thoughtful gift that will get used often & doesn’t hurt the environment!


5. Cologne

A classic valentines option that your partner will love!


6. Duffle Bag

Whether you don’t live together and he can use a bag for when he stays over or for your weekend trips, having a nice overnight bag such as this is a perfect edition to his wardrobe.


7. Hammock Chair

Having a hammock in your backyard or on your balcony isn’t always an option because of space. I introduce, the next best thing! Give your partner the luxury of being to be able to relax with a book outside with this rad hammock chair.


8. Diffuser

Diffusers are so in right now, and who says they’re just for women? This 4in1 aroma diffuser could be gifted with some oils that are his style.



Under $100

1. Swiss Army Knife

There is something so satisfying about having someone around who always has a bottle opener (or scissors, or a screwdriver or a knife) handy.




2. Beer

I thought about writing a caption for this but it doesn’t need one. One gift you can guarantee is a win.




3. Google Home Mini

The perfect start to home automation! Voice activated, it can do your music, tell you the weather, play games with you & make your life a bit better!




4. Lego Kit

I’ve mentioned before that I love a good lego kit! Get him a project that the two of you can work on together. The architects range has so many city monuments, you can choose one of a place you have been to together.




5. Coffee Maker

Make his morning a little easier with a pod coffee machine. They make the mornings so much quicker when you can just click and go! Pair it with your decomposable coffee pods and reusable mug, and you’re ready to go!



6. Sleeping Bag

If you love an adventure, get a double sleeping bag! It sucks when you’re camping and are a restricted to your own sleeping bag. Makes cuddling very tricky!



7. Beanbag

Does your partner like gaming or watching movies from the couch? That’s so 2018. Get him a beanbag and he can re-live his childhood of gaming right in front of the telly!




8. Watch

Love. An. Oldschool. Casio. If you want to buy him a classic timepiece but don’t have a bunch to spend, an affordable option is an every day watch such as this Casio!



9. Record Display

Does he have a record collection or did you get him a few this Valentines Day? This is the perfect way to display records on the wall – keeping it classy!




10. Unicycle

I thought long and hard about including this on the list, but I’m convinced it’s a rad gift idea. Imagine your partner learns to unicycle, it’ll be the talking point of the CENTURY. Maybe not, but it’s still cool.



11. Chromecast

An absolute staple for making the most of your television.



1. Barbeque

It’s a win-win, he’ll get a fun toy and you’ll get dinner cooked for you!



2. Super Nintendo Entertainment System Mini

Pre-loaded with classic games that you played as kids, you will be entertained for hours!



3. Clock

Stop buying Kmart clocks that stop working after a year. Buy him a classy clock, that will look amazing with any decor and is timeless. (Ha ha get it…timeless… I’ll show myself out.)




4. Soda Stream

If drinking water that tastes like TV static is his thing, a Soda Stream is the perfect solution to going through a bunch of plastic bottles.




5. Art Of An Important Place

Start your collection of nice art on your walls. You’ll immediately feel more grownup and he’ll love that you picked a piece that reminded you of him or your relationship.




6. Kayak or Canoe

Easy, lightweight, inflatable and will get you both out on adventures! So much fun for a couples date.



7. Portable Speaker

Portable speakers are an essential household item and investing in a better quality one means you don’t have to replace them so often.



8.Pizza Oven

A unique gift idea that will be an immediate hit! Stop ordering in when you have Netflix & Chill nights, make your own pizzas from the comfort of home.



9. Record Player

Records don’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon. Get an stylish and good quality player that will last as long as his records!



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