5 Things To Stop Doing In 2019

I am ALL about doing small things to improve my life a bit. Because they all add up and are super easy to accomplish something. In the new year, we’ll be publishing these lists semi-regularly just to (kindly) remind you of a few things you could easily do to make your life more positive. Even if it’s just a tiny bit.

As people, we self sabotage and do weird things that make us feel like crap. For example, why do you check to see what your ex-boyfriends, new girlfriends, mum is posting on Instagram? It happens. Probably for the same reason we duck into stores for clothes we know we can’t afford and buy that avocado toast even though we’re saving for a house. It’s self control – something I’ve talked about with my psychologist this year. I digress! And I promise there will be zero smashed avo posts in 2019, I’m over it, you’re over it, baby boomers probably will never be over it. I’ll move on.

Here are the first five to get you started in 2019!


1. Stop Worshiping Celebrities

Celebrity worship is a weird thing, because people define ‘celebrity’ as different things. However, for the purpose of this exercise it’s anyone who is seen in the public eye as a celebrity (I know you think your dog is an Insta-famous celebrity, but that’s not really what we’re on about here) Did you know that there is such a thing as Celebrity Worship Syndrome? It’s a real (and scary) thing. Because we now have so much access to celebrities lives, it’s easy to see what they are up to, what they’re eating, where they’re shopping & who they’re dating – without even having to search online for it. It’s not good for our mental health to look up to celebrities and to follow them online and become invested in their lives.

Do yourself a favour and unfollow a few on your social media. You don’t have to unfollow them all, because you (like I) want to be the first to know if anyone is dropping an awesome album or a new season of a show in the new year. But unfollow those that that you’re just following for their lifestyle pictures. You don’t need them.



2. Stop Buying Clothes That Are Too Small

I have been the absolute worst at this over the years. I find a cute piece of clothing that I love the look of, it’s a bit small – but I’m on my journey to lose a bit of weight, so I’ll fit into it soon! Then by the time it fits, I don’t quite like it as much. Save those pennies for when the clothes do fit and you can use it as a reward for dropping a size. Also, you’re not doing yourself (or your circulation) any good by squeezing yourself into size 6 pants if you’re really a size 8. Well fitting clothes look so much better on.



3. Stop Sleeping Until Noon

It’s the weekend and you have nothing planned – the perfect chance to catch up on some well deserved sleep! In theory yes, but in reality no. Your body doesn’t know what a weekend is and by having wildly different sleeping patterns on the weekend to what you do on a weekday is actually damaging to your body clock. By all means if you wake up a little tired, sleep for another half an hour or so – but sleeping until noon is not setting you up for a well rested and productive week ahead. ‘Catching up on sleep’ isn’t a real thing beyond a couple of hours.  That time can also be much better spent, whether that’s getting some jobs done around the house, catching up for brunch with friends, working out, or having some good old fashioned tech free time!



4. Stop Being Embarrassed To Admit What Your Interests Are

Here’s a fun fact! I wrote my first ever blog post in 2009. That’s nearly 10 years ago now! However, back in 2009 – blogging was super lame and no one did it, it was almost unheard of and it wasn’t a viable career at all (how times have changed!). Because of this, I didn’t talk about it and how much fun it was. I also didn’t talk about my love of crafts (and probably a myriad of other things). Especially when trying to impress boys and cool people. I have found that over time, the more I talk about my interests and things that I am passionate about, I am able to build deeper relationships with people and bond over similar interests. While some people might not want to hear about how many Pokemon you caught on Pokemon Go and you might be embarrassed to publicly share this – some people WILL be into it and those are the people you want around you.



5. Stop Hanging Out With Toxic People

In school we are always taught not to give into peer pressure, but as adults, no one is there to remind us to make good choices and sometimes it can be hard to be a good judge! Toxic people can come in all shapes and sizes – those who make you feel like you need to partake in unhealthy habits, those who surround you with drama and gossip, those who lie and those who manipulate others. Sometimes it can be really easy to tell who these toxic people are, because all of a sudden you’re out partying every weekend when you were previously very happy with your chill weekends & early mornings. Sometimes they’re a bit more difficult to pick, but if you find yourself disagreeing with someones morals or you find yourself gossiping about others at every brunch – you can do better than that. There are so many other non-toxic people more deserving of your time who will want to bring out the best in you and encourage you and make you feel good about yourself.



What things are you going to stop in 2019? Let us know below!

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