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As you know from our last post, this blog is also featuring our own journey – it’s not just an informative blog! If you want, you can check out our One Month On Journey post HERE. If you want to read a bit more about us & why we’re doing this – you can also check out our about page here.




This month, Lincoln & I started seeing a personal trainer – 2 sessions a week for 6 weeks. We’re just over halfway now and it’s been a pretty cool journey. I think when we started we were a little in over our heads, but felt proud of ourselves. We quickly started seeing improvement in our strength & ability though and our trainer also has said that he’s impressed with how we’re going. We’ve learned how to use equipment in the scary part of the gym, as well as improving our technique with our exercises. A few cool things we’ve learned is resistance bands for our booties (ha ha), we’ve been doing bench presses & assisted pull ups. Throwing medicine balls, a tonne of squats and deadlifting with kettle bells. The things we have found the most difficult so far is pushing this heavy sled thing across the floor and high intensity cardio. We are getting better though!


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We have stopped doing YouFoodz as it has been getting a little repetitive. However, we have been making more of an effort to improve our food at home through proper planning & food prep. We’ve increased our protein, and trying not to stress too much about carbs. So long as we are managing our macros and calories properly – there’s no issue and we feel pretty good about that decision.



Something that has been getting me down a little bit lately is that my weight loss is pretty stagnant. Despite eating well & exercising regularly, it doesn’t seem to be going down. It can be REALLY hard to ignore what the scale says & focus on how we’re feeling & what we’re measuring as (like I said in our first month’s update), especially when you feel it should be a certain way. To combat this though, I’m focusing on my muscle gain, which I’m very aware of – my thighs are like rocks right now and I’ll show anyone who cares enough. I’ve also learned how to flex my arms (although there isn’t much to see there yet). I’m also trying to focus on my actual gym improvements, how many kilos I’m able to squat, deadlift & bench press – for example. I’m up to 28 kilos (at the time of writing) which our PT seems happy with. While it’s nowhere near what others can do – I’m happy with how we’re progressing with this! I’m also working on my mental health still and went to my first support group just over a month ago for my OCD which was a new experience that I’ll write about soon!




I’ve also had a few cool milestones with my blog/Instagram this month which is exciting. I’ve had my posts shared in a bunch of Influencers stories on Instagram, as well as being featured on a Melbourne Restaurants page with my 10 Healthier Options For Your Next Date Night In Melbourne blog & our new find The Source Bulk Foods national page shared one of my photos to their reach of just under 150,000 people. I have started using Pinterest as my main method of promoting my blog (in addition to Instagram) which has been a massive success for me as I currently have 2,400 unique monthly viewers on my profile and have only been using this a couple of weeks. I’ve also written guest posts for Health Hacking – 10 Tricks To Motivate You To Workout, Foodie4You – How Is McDonalds Marketing Affecting Us In Australia, Lost Millennial – Tips To Provide Better Care For Someone With Poor Mental Health, been interviewed by Musings of a Misfit and have set up further collaborations with people in England & the US which I’m looking forward to sharing with you all soon! While all of these are pretty superficial, I’m enjoying the experience and I think that so long as I am, we’ll keep going.



Pictured throughout this post are some of the updates we’ve shared on Instagram. Feel free to go & check out everything else & daily updates here.

That’s all for now. I’ll try to do these recaps monthly with Instagram highlights and check in with how we’re progressing with our mental and physical health. As always, if you have any comments, questions or feedback – please feel free to comment below!

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