Easy Potted Succulent DIY

We love a quick & easy tech-free activity around here that keeps our hands busy and also looks great!

A little while ago, I made some cute succulent decorations & I thought I should share them here if you’re after a simple DIY you can try to take your mind off things or to wind down.

Either succulents or cacti will work for this – any small, low maintenance plant that is self sufficient is what you’re after!




What You’ll Need

  • Succulents/cactai
    • For this, I bought three succulents which were about $3 each from bunnings, but you can also pick them up at weekend markets or your local nursery
  • Glasses
    • I used three glasses out of the cupboard at home that I didn’t use any more. You can also find cute little glasses/tea cups or something similar at an op shop – usually for less than $1 each.
  • A spoon/small shovel (if you don’t want to get your hands dirty)



How To Assemble

  • Move the plant from the plastic container into the glass. If you need to, you can loosen the dirt either by squeezing the edges of the pot, or use your spoon to dig it out and use the remaining dirt to help fill the glass.






They look so nice on your kitchen windowsill, on your bedside table or on your coffee table. It’s also a great way to get some fresh air, it’s super easy & they look cute. Also, your family will be so impressed when you say that you did gardening on purpose. You don’t need to go into details.


Do you have any simple DIYs like this? Or, do you want to see more? Let us know below!

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