5 Tips For Having A Great Workout Session At Home

So lots of people ask me where to start when working out from home.  It can be such a hassle to get to the gym or go out for a run, and with the unpredictable nature of our weather, it’s essential we have a backup.

I personally love working out from home. The ability to just chuck my hair up, pop on some sports clothes and head into my living room is bliss for me. What makes this even sweeter, is with the right set up and focus, I also burn as many calories at home as I do in the gym.


How to get started:

  1. Create A Comfortable Space

Having somewhere private to go when working out is so important. Work out time is time to breathe. Time to refocus and time to collect your thoughts. Use this time to re-calibrate your mind and really delve into your exercise session. When choosing a space to work out from, it doesn’t have to be massive. You just need enough room to be able to lie flat and space out without touching anything. Don’t be afraid to move things around either. For me, I personally use my living room. If I move my coffee table to the side, I have a lovely large floor area to use for mat work or static cardio/lunges etc. Try choosing a room with a nice amount of natural light. Natural light is proven to help improve mood and will in turn improve you exercise output.



  1. Dress The Part

Ok, so there is a wide range of benefits from working out at home including the flexibility to do a workout whenever you like and not having to hop in the car to drive to the gym. What I would avoid though is working out in anything but your sports clothes. There have been times in the past where I’m juggling housework, being a mum and finishing off my office work and so a quick 10 minute HIIT would be perfect… in my PJs. The problem is, mentally, I’m not prepared for my workout. My body hasn’t gone through the process of getting ready and thinking “ok, it’s time to start working out now”. This means my output is lacking and I end up giving up halfway through.

So, whenever I’m about to get ready for a home work out, I pop on a pair of gym shorts/leggings, sports bra, tie my hair up and off I go. Honestly, the psychology behind it is real. Try it.



  1. Have Some Simple Equipment Handy

You don’t need to spend mega bucks in creating a home gym to be successful at working out from home. A couple of key items will really help ensure you’re set up to get the most from your session and the ability to mix up days when needed.

My top items for a perfect simple home gym include:

  • Resistance Band – perfect for a good booty blast
  • Kettlebells – great for raising the heart rate and having a solid cardio burn
  • Dumbbells – Can be used for a variety of exercises including triceps and chest
  • Ab Roller – simple to use and creates a killer ab session.
  • Yoga Mat – This can use for a wide variety of exercises including warming up, stretching out, ab work, dumbbell and resistance band work outs.

You can read more on how to create the perfect home gym here.



  1. Create A Sustainable Plan

The worst thing you can do is try to wing it. You’ll end up getting frustrated and bored and then more than likely quit. The idea is to create a sustainable long-term plan that continues to motivate you.

There are hundreds of thousands of work out videos on YouTube for anything you’re looking for. If you’re after a 20 minute HIIT session, an ab specific session or even a booty blast, YouTube will give you a choice of thousands.

The key is to mix it up. For example: For day one you could focus on the upper body, the next could aimed at the lower body, then maybe abs, then a butt day. This allows your body to get recovery time in certain areas but also keeps you motivated.



  1. Track It

A calorie burn still counts even if you’re at home… so make sure you track it.

The feeling of achievement after completing an intense workout and then seeing the number of calories burnt is a warm, fuzzy one.

Tracking also allows you to monitor performance. Maybe you managed a 10 minute HIIT session when you started and now 2 weeks later, you can do 20 minutes. Maybe you set yourself calorie burn targets for each session. The point is, that tracking comes with a number of benefits both physically and mentally. It should motivate you to keep pushing and to continue improving performance and stamina.



I hope you’ve found these tips useful. If you’d like to join the Health Hacking community and stay up to date with more of my Health and Fitness posts, you can visit my website here.


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