14 Of The Most Satisfying Videos To Help You Relax

We’ve all seen them on social media – you know those weird videos of people cutting soap, doing calligraphy, glass blowing and making pasta? They come up on my feed all the time and I can’t help but watch them as they are so relaxing. Who knew that doing a mirror glaze on a cake or paint mixing could make you feel so chill?

Anyway, I started saving these videos to share with you, and below I have listed 14 that I have come across lately that I thought you may enjoy. Bookmark this link and next time you’re feeling a bit tense, come back – watch a few minutes of one of the videos below and you’ll feel so much better.

I personally find the music in these leaves a lot to be desired, but I usually don’t watch them with sound on. Totally up to you. You do you!


1. Glass Making | 14 Minutes

2. Taffy Pulling | 3 Minutes

3. Compilation Of Satisfying Things | 10 Minutes


4. Kinetic Sand | 12 Minutes


5. Compilation of Satisfying Things | 13 Minutes


6. Pasta Making | 5 Minutes


7. Paint Mixing | 11 Minutes


8. Soap Cutting | 11 Minutes


9. Playing With Slime | 5 Minutes


10. Compilation Of Satisfying Things | 12 Minutes


11. Pasta Art | 3 Minutes


12. Calligraphy | 9 Minutes


13. Compilation of Satisfying Things | 10 Minutes


14. Floral Foam Crushing | 12 Minutes


I hope you’ve enjoyed at least one of these – it took me so long to finish this post as I kept getting distracted with the videos. Is there something that you find relaxing watching? If so, let us know below and we’ll include it on our next list!


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