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When starting to make healthier options at home, one of the biggest things I needed to consider was snacking & what we’d have for those between-meal hungry feelings. Something that I’d heard a lot about, seen recipes on Pinterest & advertised online is Protein/Energy Balls. Given that I knew squat about protein balls (and protein in general) – I went to the supermarket thinking that I could just grab a couple from the shelf and I’d be on my way. Surprisingly (or un-surprisingly if you frequent the protein & supplements section of the supermarket or online) there were so many options that I became overwhelmed and came home with nothing in favour of doing a bit of research. So, I thought I would share my findings with you in hope that this will assist you when you’re faced with a similar situation!

I have compared 10 of the most popular brands of protein & bliss balls; Bounce, BSC, Carman’s, Health Lab, Tom & Luke, Keep It Cleaner, Boost, The Health Nutt, YouFoodz and Creative Gourmet.

The serving sizes of the balls are all different, so for the purpose of this exercise, I did some maths (wow) and have based the information of a 40g serving of the Protein ball. I will advise if I have done this below.



Highest Protein

1. BSC Cookies & Cream

13.9g Protein | 145 Calories | 0.3g Sugar

2. BSC Chocolate Peanut Butter

13.2g Protein | 156 Calores | 1.7g Sugar

3. BSC White Chocolate Honeycomb

12.5g Protein | 145 Calories | 0.9 Sugar

4. YouFoodz Hazlenut

12.2g Protein | 202 Calories | 13.5g Sugar

5. Bounce Peanut

11.6g Protein | 171 Calories | 10.2g Sugar

By far, the BSC brand is packing the protein in, any other brands who have high protein is also quite high in sugar. If you’re after a high protein snack, these are for you. As mentioned above – these are the breakdowns for a 40g serving, however, the BSC balls are 70g which means that if you’d like the whole ball, then the quantities below will be slightly higher.



Lowest Protein

1. Keep It Cleaner Acai Berry

2.4g Protein | 186 Calories | 13.4g Sugar

2. Keep It Cleaner Fig & Walnut

2.4g Protein | 197 Calories | 13.7g Sugar

3. Carman’s Apple, Cashew & Coconut

2.6g Protein | 158 Calories | 18.8g Sugar

4. Keep It Cleaner Espresso

2.6g Protein | 188 Calories | 11.9g Sugar

5. Keep It Cleaner Coconut Vanilla

2.7g Protein | 201 Calories | 11.9g Sugar

As someone who is ‘new’ to protein snacks, I’ve quickly learned the difference between Protein Balls and Bliss Balls. Despite being in the same section of the super market, Keep It Cleaner aren’t labelled as protein balls and are quite low in protein as a result of that. Make sure you’re reading your labels & don’t get these balls if you’re after a high-protein snack!



Lowest Sugar

1. BSC Cookies & Cream

0.3g Sugar | 145 Calores | 13.9g Protein

2. BSC White Chocolate Honeycomb

0.9g Sugar | 145 Calories | 12.5g Protein

3. Boost Peanut Butter

1g Sugar | 192 Calories | 7.7g Protein

4. BSC Chocolate Peanut Butter

1.7g Sugar | 156 Calories | 13.2 Protein

5. Health Lab Choc Matcha

4.6g Sugar | 180 Calories | 3.5g Protein

Again, the top contender in this category is BSC with the lowest sugar. 



Highest Sugar

1. Carman’s Apple Cashew & Coconut

18.8g Sugar | 158 Calories | 2.6 Protein

2. Tom & Luke Snackaballs Cranberry Cashew

18.1 Sugar | 162 Calories | 3.4g Protein

3. Health Lab Coconut

17.2g Sugar | 162 Calories | 5g Protein

4. Tom & Luke Snackaballs Cacao, Mint & Almond

16.4g Sugar | 155 Calories | 3.2g Protein

5. Carman’s Almond, Super Seed & Vanilla

16.4g Sugar | 150 Calories | 3.2g Protein

The daily recommended intake of sugar varies on the person & what your current diet is focusing on. However, these are quite high and contain almost half of the highest recommended daily intake for an average adult. 



Lowest Calories

1.Health Lab Peanut Butter

118 Calories | 5g Protein | 7.4g Sugar

2. Health Lab Salted Caramel

118 Calories | 5g Protein | 7.5g Sugar

3.BSC Cookies & Cream

145 Calories | 13.9 Protein | 0.3g Sugar

4. BSC White Chocolate Honeycomb

145 Calories | 12.5g Protein | 0.9g Sugar

5. Creative Gourmet Super Balls Sticky Date

147 Calories | 7.8g Protein | 8.5g Sugar

I personally like to keep my between-meal snacks under 150 calories and as low in sugar as possible. Again, the BSC balls are pretty good for this, but the Health Lab balls are also very low in Calories too which is great!



Highest Calories

1. Boost Chocolate

213 Calories | 6.3g Protein | 6.6g Sugar

2. Keep It Cleaner Peanut Butter

207 Calories | 5.8g Protein | 9.3g Sugar

3. YouFoodz Hazelnut

202 Calories | 12.2g Protein | 13.5g Sugar

4. Keep It Cleaner Seat Salt Choc & Caramel

202 Calories | 3.8g Protein | 10.7g Sugar

5. Keep It Cleaner Coconut Vanilla

201 Calories | 2.7g Protein | 11.9g Sugar

It’s important to keep an eye on your calorie intake, especially in foods like bliss balls & protein balls – because they’re so small sometimes it’s easy to pack in a bunch of calories without even noticing.


And we’re out! We’ll do more posts like this on the future, looking at protein/power bars, protein powders and other ready to buy snacks at the supermarket!

What are your favourites? Let us know below!


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