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Hey! It’s Sara here.

Unlike your typical lifestyle or health & fitness blogs – I always wanted an element of this space to be following our journey. Documenting how things are changing for us, what’s working & what isn’t. It’s a bit different & it’s more for us than the readers of this blog – so feel free to overlook these posts. They’ll be relatively infrequent as most of the updates we share are over on Instagram.


To start, if you want to read a bit more about us & why we’re doing this – you can check out our about page here. 




Our fitness journey started about a month and a half ago when we joined a gym. We chose our gym after rigorous spreadsheeting, emails & research – it’s close to home & offers classes in addition to 24 hour access to the rest of the gym. A few weeks into exercising more frequently, we’ve made some changes to our diet too. Mainly, a combination of meals from YouFoodz and our own low-carb, high-protein meals that we’ve been cooking. I’ve also loosely been calorie counting – but not in a restrictive way. More on that later though! We have also been doing a few things to improve our mental health.




Before starting we weighed ourselves, but we didn’t measure ourselves until recently. We’re trying not to focus too hard on numbers as we’re more focused on other elements of our health journey. For example, our energy, our mental health, how our clothes fit, how we move up weight on the machines and how we improve in our classes.




Pictured throughout this post are some of the updates we’ve shared on Instagram. Feel free to go & check out everything else & daily updates here.




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Here's a bit of an update! . . Picture from when we were at Liffey Falls on Friday. Getting out and doing these walks is something that I'm trying to learn to enjoy. I have a bit of resentment toward "boring walks" so it's a learning curve, but one I'm keen for! . . Also, while we're not sharing photos of it, on the nights that we're not at the gym or have something else on – we're keeping up with our @niketraining workouts which are hard, but we're enjoying them. They measure our progress and have hundreds to choose from. I'll share more about this in the future. . . We're also starting a blog to share our tips and tricks along the way. We hope to launch this in the next couple of weeks & we can't wait for you to see it! #ferretfitness

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That’s all for now. I’ll try to do these recaps monthly with Instagram highlights and check in with how we’re progressing with our mental and physical health. As always, if you have any comments, questions or feedback – please feel free to comment below!

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