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Every time I have a conversation with someone about going to the gym, the question of ‘How many times a week do you go?’ is brought up 95% of the time.

It makes sense, we notice a person’s physique as soon as we see them and when you see an outstanding, muscularly, ripped attribute in front of you automatically assume they go every day of the week…. how else do they get that good of a physique?

Now, of course, there are numerous reasons why someone’s body would be more defined or better looking than someone else, of course diet comes into play, genetics etc.

However, there is always one underlining symptom to success that constantly gets ridiculed by everyone wanting to achieve that perfect look…


We always hear the usual reasons behind people don’t have time to work out every day;

‘I don’t like getting up early’

‘I’m too tired today to go to the gym’

‘I had a hard day at work today’

‘I’m too busy with work’

‘It’s too late after work for me to go to the gym’

Yep. I’ve heard a lot of excuses in my time and I wouldn’t deny that I too once upon a time would have made a similar excuse to not go to the gym either. It happens!

But you really have to ask yourself at the end of the day what is it that you really want with this $15 a week gym membership that you are paying for? If you’re paying $15 a week, that’s almost coffee every morning that you are paying an equivalent of. Which, If you manage to get one of those every morning, why not make the time to go to the gym every day too?


Realistically, lets break down a day…


24 hours in 1 complete day

8 of those hours you are going to be asleep, so now you’re left with 16.

Most people work an 8-hour day, assuming so you’re now left with 8 hours.

Factor in travelling for work, let’s say a 45-1-hour commute to work, both ways, now you have 6 hours.

6 hours of your day, you can do whatever else you’d like.

Your average maximum workout (that usually being; 6 exercises, 4 sets of 10, working 2-3 muscle groups) takes around 1 hour.

1 HOUR…Out of your 6 hours…you still have time to go home, cook, clean, wash, prepare, watch TV, play video games…

My question really now is…how do you not have time?


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This blog was written by Luke Rigo who motivates himself on the daily to go to the gym, keep fit and be healthy!


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