How To Increase Your Protein Intake As A Vegetarian

As someone who chooses to not eat meat, one of the questions I get asked the most is how I get enough protein in my diet. It’s incredible how people suddenly become food experts when they don’t agree with your choices. My response was always that I eat a lot of dark green vegetables because of Popeye and spinach and muscles etc. But then I actually did some research and that’s not actually the best source, unless you want to eat a LOT of spinach. Which is totally fine too!


Next time you get asked, feel free to share this piece – our guide to increasing your protein without meat.


To get started, here are some facts for you.

  • The average daily protein intake for a person who eats and moves normally should be between 46-56g. This obviously depends on your weight and how active you are. You can read information HERE and HERE.
  • To see how this compares to meat, in 100g of chicken breast there is 31g of protein & in 100g of lean beef mince there is 26g of protein.
  • Did you know, you could get all your protein in at breakfast if you wanted? A nice bowl of oats with greek yoghurt, milk, a handful of nuts and fruit. Ezekiel bread with nut butter, cottage cheese and a drizzle of honey or a couple of eggs on the side. All super protein rich and good for you!


So! Here are 18 foods you can incorporate into your cooking & have as snacks to increase your protein intake.


28g | 1 Cup Cottage or Ricotta Cheese

22g | 85g Shelled Edamame

21g | 100g Greek Yogurt

21g | 1/3 Cup Seitan

18g | 1 Cup Cooked Lentils

15g | 1 Cup Cooked Beans

13g | 2 Eggs

13g | Half Cup of Quorn

11g | Half Cup of Firm Tofu

8g | 2 Tablespoons Nut Butter

8g | 2 Slices of Ezekiel Bread

8g | Half Cup Quinoa

8g | 1 Cup Milk

6g | Handful of Nuts

6g | 1 Cup Oats

5g | 180g Spinach

5g | 180g Broccoli

5g | 180g Cauliflower


We will share recipes soon to help you incorporate these ingredients into meals.

What are your favourite protein-rich vegetarian foods? Let us know below!


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