14 Emerging Australian Fitness Accounts To Keep An Eye On

We love discovering new people to follow on Instagram, especially those who inspire us, make us feel good about ourselves and motivate us to get out and moving!  Here are 14 people that we’re currently following with less than 100,000 followers who make us want to get our butts of the couch!


1. Libby Babet 

Founder of a number of businesses and trainer on the Biggest Loser, it’s no surprise that Libby has made the list. She shares fun, motivating pictures of her day to day life that inspires you to get out and explore the world.

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So, September is “becoming a mum” month for me and it’s not far away! This is both the most exciting time of my life and perhaps one of the most confronting… I can’t wait to welcome this little life into the world, and at the same time a big part of me has definitely been struggling with letting go of my life before this beautiful soul entered my body and begun to grow. Watching my team step up and take over my role in driving the businesses I love simultaneously makes me feel incredible joy and pride, but also a little sadness, as I can’t be as big a part of creating our dreams right now. Part of me is excited to let go and allow life to be guided by this tiny new human for awhile, while the part of me that’s blazed her own path for the past 36 years is nervous about releasing control. Part of me can’t wait to see my baby in my husband’s arms, and the other part already misses that for all this time those arms only ever held me… I’m trying to accept that I need to slow down, but the part of me that’s always raced madly at life is still begging me to take off. It’s the strangest combination of excitement, anticipation, joy and fear. Already this little babe in my belly has been an incredible teacher, and is making me into a better person. And the way nature prepares you to become a mum, with a long 9 months of compromise, learnings and progressive change just amazes me. Finally this week, as I feel the little body inside of mine getting stronger, bigger and more ready to face the world, I feel like I’m ready for this evolution too… and I can’t wait to hold the love of my life in my arms 😍 Here’s to all the mamas out there who’ve shifted their whole beings to become someone’s everything… It’s no small thing, but it sure is magic! 💕 #36weeks #pregnant #nearlytime #comingsoon #babybabet #mylittlelove #springbaby

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2. Kristyn Schultz

We love Kristyn’s colourful feed and motivating posts. She’s a bikini competitor, but she doesn’t make us feel bad our progress even when we’re not killing it like her!

Follow her & photo via @kristyn.schultz | 11,800 Followers


3. Amy Darcy

Nice & simple profile, comes across like a friend and not someone trying to persuade you to live their life like them. Says she shares a realistic approach o health, food, wellbeing & fitness & we get that vibe too!

Follow her & photo via @eatprayworkout | 16,500 Followers


4. Kate Kendall

Kate is another of the awesome yogi profiles we follow. Her photos are bright and colourful and we love her positive mindfulness.

Follow her & photo via @activeyogi | 38,600 Followers


5. Brooklyn Ashley

Something we love about Brooke is that she’s not only relying on the gym, but she loves getting out and giving team sports a go! She’s got a great energy & a healthy outlook on life that we love to see.

Follow her & photo via @ b_rooklynb | 99,700 Followers


6. Coach Jaq

Jaq’s focus is to connect, inspire and educate her followers and she does this through helpful videos and photos. She touches on nutrition and training and also offers coaching & guides on her site!

Follow her & photo via @coachjaqsdiary | 12,500 Followers


7. Katherine

Katherine is an online trainer who shares workout videos and and whenever we see her incredible lifting videos, we want to get to the gym right away!

Follow her & photo via @misskath | 30,400 Followers


8. Karla Gilbert

Karla runs wellbeing workshops, is an accredited nutrition and shares a range of motivating and thoughtful posts on her feed.

Follow her & photo via @karlagilbert | 3,083 Followers


9. Katie Guyatt

Katie is a personal trainer. She shares workout videos, lifestyle pictures and what she’s snacking on. We love her outdoorsy adventures and seeing what she’s up to!

Follow her & photo via @katieguyattfitness | 6,344 Followers


10. Lindy Olsen

Lindy shares motivational fitness content in addition to quotes to get you going. She shares realistic advice to make you feel like you are capable.

Follow her & photo via @lindyolsen| 20,000 Followers


11. Lydia Lassila

We discovered Lydia after her appearance on Survivor and was impressed by her incredible mindset and positive energy that spread across her tribe. A Winter Olympian, she shares images of her healthy lifestyle with her family

Follow her & photo via @ lydialassila | 21,400 Followers


12. Jess Robinson

Jess shares funny quotes, food, fitness and also just what she’s up to. We love her simple Instagram & she never makes us feel bad about our self image!

Follow her & photo via @lazygirlfit| 13,900 Followers


13. Sharelle Grant

Not only is Sharelle super fit, she’s also a nurse AND a pilot. Talk about kicking goals! She talks openly about being real and how she manages her lifestyle on her own and sometimes we need to do things we don’t necessarily want to do, but need to do – which we can all relate to!

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Advice for beginners⤵️ . . ‘Stop exercising👉start training’. . I had been exercising for YEARS with little change or progress in my physique🤯 It wasn’t until I swapped exercising and fad dieting, with a structured training/nutrition approach, that has allowed me to make noticeable improvements in my performance, mind and body!🙏 . . A lot of people in the gym are mindlessly moving through the motions…At a previous gym, there was a guy there who I had watched every single day complete the SAME exercises, same amount of reps, with the SAME weights, YEAR AFTER YEAR! It used to baffle me?!🤔💭 . . A fun run, powerlifting/bodybuilding, a marathon, football, CrossFit, tennis, netball- Whatever it may be, train with the purpose of progressively improving to complement your chosen sport…not for weight loss or aesthetics! (although it can be a nice bonus😉). . . Currently in training for a big 2019💪👑

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14. Ali Cavill

Ali runs her own company, Fit Fantastic which focuses on fitness, health & well-being which is so important. She has what we’d call a ‘normal’ account like your friends would too and you’ll feel like she’s one as well.

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Nail’d it! ✅ My first time ever in Melbourne & first time participating in Run Melbourne as part of the Lululemon team! 🏃‍♀️ Pretty stoked I placed position 245 in a field of 3305 runners, finishing in 29 minutes in the 5km wave! 🥇 I met such amazing people on the journey, 👟 felt absolutely special in my comfy Lululemon gear and, whilst not getting a PB, am pretty proud of my run only 2 days out from returning from Vietnam… 🇻🇳. . Thanks to @runmelbourne and @solemotive for a stellar event 💪 and @lululemonausnz supporting me in every phase including wellbeing, yoga and mindset coaching from@ambassadors @kat.john & @ryanmannix_yoga ! 💕. . Huge thanks to @mensfitnessau and Todd & Alison for their excellent photography skills in capturing this shot! 👌. . . . . . . . @themintpartners @emmajanenorris @carisssward @scottiehendo @emmitch91 @lj_bode @mensfitnessau @menshealthmag @womenshealthmag @womenshealthaus @lululemon #lululemonausnz #lululemon #runmelbourne2018 #runmelbourne #embracethefeeling #letyourmindrunfree #melbourne_insta #melbournecity #halfmarathon #5k #10k #feelingfabulous #runnersworld #runnershoutouts #runningmelbourne #runnerscommunity #smashinggoals #fitnessinfluencer #lululemonambassador #lululemonambassador @sporteluxe @juna.xu #weekendgetaway #seeingmelbourne #tryingnewthings #bucketlistchecked #wanderlust #victoria #owningit #julyphotochallenge #jumpingforjoy #nailedit @bulknutrients @cannon_lifehubau @lifehubau @runnersworldaus @georgiealove @izabela__t @dusty_nutz

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Now to you! Who are your favourite people that you follow on Instagram that motivate you? Let us know, we’re always on the prowl for new people to follow!

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